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Safety in the workplace is paramount to a successful business plan.

With a little more than 87,000 residents, Reading is the fifth largest community in the state of Pennsylvania. A town of blue-collar workers, the community of Reading values hard work, determination, and forward momentum. But not everyone in Reading shares these virtues, however, and crime is a source of concern for Reading residents. Property crime is above the state and national average, and your chance of being the victim of a violent crime is nearly two times higher than in the rest of Pennsylvania.

A hard-working town deserves a hard-working security team. That’s why Tactical Response Security is here to help. To ensure that your residence, business, or person is safe and secure, we offer armed and unarmed security services to our clients in Reading. Trained in a variety of security techniques and skills, each of our officers is ready to integrate into your existing security measures, or to create a new system that can readily react to your changing needs.

If your business needs a comprehensive security solution to maintain its operational efficiency, it’s time to arrange for the executive protection services from Tactical Response Security. All of our executive protection team members have prior experience in law enforcement or military service, and are uniquely suited to meet the needs of a modern-day business. From security planning for your home, business, or travels to law enforcement liaison, our officers can ensure your safety everywhere you go in Reading.

We’re proud to offer our armed and unarmed security services to all of Readings businesses and industries including:

  • Construction sites and firms
  • Manufacturing and industrial centers
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities
  • Chemical factories
  • Retail shopping centers

Contact us today for an in-depth security survey with one of our specialists. They’ll craft you a detailed security plan, and arrange for the level of protective services you need for your home or business.

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Tactical Response Security Consulting offers security guard services serving clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Camden, Newark, Pittsburgh, Reading, Jersey City, Trenton and nationwide.

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