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Tactical Response Security offers top-tier security solutions to people all over the country. Whether you need armed security in Philadelphia or executive protection, we are there. We understand that every situation is different and work hard to tailor our security solutions to every client and every situation. From unarmed security to private investigation, we strive to provide the best security services nationwide. With our comprehensive security assessments and our stringent officer vetting process, you will get only the best security solutions when you work with us. Contact us today to get started. 

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Tactical Response Security is proud to offer armed and unarmed security to people who need it. We work hard to ensure you feel safe and secure with us. We offer a wide range of security services including:

Armed security in Philadelphia The city is growing, which means more crime and more opportunity for your business or home to experience a break-in or other crime. Let Tactical Response Security provide you with a highly-trained, armed professional to keep you and your family safe.

Executive Protection When you need to protect high-profile individuals, Tactical Response Security is there. We can provide an experienced and well-trained bodyguard to keep even the most well-known person safe. Get the peace of mind you need anywhere, anytime with Tactical Response Security.

Unarmed Security Protect your business with a highly trained professional from Tactical Response Security. Well-trained in de-escalation, first aid, and customer service, our guards are capable of protecting your assets and property and giving you the security you need.

Private Investigation When you need to collect information for your business or yourself, you need someone capable of professionalism and of keeping things confidential. The professionals at Tactical Response Security are trained in this and more. Our private investigators average 10 years of experience and can get you the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Covid-19 Enforcement Specialist Containing and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is essential to getting our country and planet back to some semblance of normalcy. If you are running a business during the pandemic, you may want help enforcing local and personal safety measures. Tactical Response Security can help you keep your customers and staff healthy by helping you enforce mask mandates and ensuring you are in compliance with current local health and safety ordinances.

Medical Marijuana Running a medical marijuana dispensary comes with risks that other businesses do not have to deal with. As such, you may need additional security to keep your clients and staff safe. These businesses exist in a legal gray area, which can make working with local law enforcement challenging. Working with a private security company, such as the experts at Tactical Response Security, can give you the security and safety you need to run your business.

Risk Assessment Reduce potential threats with a comprehensive risk assessment from Tactical Response Security. We can help you make updates to your home or business’s current security system, find areas that may be lacking, and suggest appropriate solutions to ensure you are as safe and secure as possible.

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When you need elite security solutions, Tactical Response Security is always there. We proudly serve:

No matter what your security needs, we will provide you with the best possible solutions. Contact us today to get started.

Get The Elite Security You Need 

When you work with Tactical Response Security, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible security solutions for you. We work hard to ensure our guards are well-trained, we are up-to-date on training, and that we are prepared to deal with any security issue that may arise. Don’t spend another moment worrying about your security. Contact Tactical Response Security today.

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