Security Services

Security Services

In today’s world, theft can result in debilitating financial losses. This fact combined with the obligation to keep your customers and staff safe, comfortable, and efficient requires a highly trained and responsive security firm. But with so many security companies in PhiladelphiaJersey CityTrenton, and more, it’s hard to choose the right one for your business. At Tactical Response Security, our safety and security officers are highly trained and are the most cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly.

Highly Trained to Keep You and Your Assets Safe

There is any number of reasons that a business might hire a security company. While the reasoning might differ between companies, the desired outcome remains the same: an improved sense of safety and security that allows your business to thrive. If you’re considering hiring a security company, here are some common reasons that our clients choose to work with us.

Your Business Is In A High-Crime Area

While many would like to think that cities like Philadelphia or Reading are perfectly safe, that’s not always the case. The rising costs of land and space have made it so that some businesses can only afford to rent or purchases buildings or worksites that are in less-than-friendly neighborhoods. The services offered by a security company can help to keep these areas safe, even if the rest of the neighborhood isn’t.


Safety in the workplace is paramount to a successful business plan.

Employees Don’t Feel Safe

It stands to reason that if your employees are concerned about their safety on the way too, from, and at work, they won’t be focusing on their jobs. Employee safety has a greater impact on productivity than many business owners realize. The presence of security guards on site, or monitoring other spaces like parking lots, can offer your employees peace of mind and improve their morale.



Surrounding Businesses Already Employing A Security Company

If, when visiting with other business owners in the area, you discover that they’ve hired a security company, it’s best to listen to their reasoning. Likely, they will share the same concerns about safety and security that you and your employees have. A security company handled their concerns and prevents other concerns as well, and Tactical Response Security can do the same for yours. It’s also important to consider the larger safety of the area. If you’re the only business or worksite with security, thieves and criminals may target your business in particular if they know that others already have security guards on standby.

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For business in low-risk areas or industries, the use of a highly-trained unarmed security officer from Tactical Response Security is the ideal protection solution. Unarmed security officers are a method of deterrence for many of the potential security problems a home or business faces on a daily basis. Because of their extensive training, the unarmed security officers from Tactical Response Security are more than capable of de-escalating nearly any high-stakes situation. Should the situation call for it, our unarmed officers can call in armed law-enforcement and security officers to address the situation.

What Our Security Company Can Offer You

With years of experience, our security guards and specialists can be found working up and down the East Coast, serving a variety of industries. Unlike our competitors, we take the time to understand your unique business and address the weak points in your security systems, while improving your existing safety programs and regimens. Whether you work in construction, finance, manufacturing, or even the medical marijuana industry, we’re ready to keep your business safe and secure.

As a full-service security company, Tactical Response Security will provide your business with a custom tailored security solution in the following areas:

  • • Armed Security Officers
  • • Unarmed Security Officers
  • • Uniformed Officers
  • • Plain Clothes Officers
  • • Vehicle Patrols
  • • Cash/Jewelry Escorts
  • • Loss Prevention
  • • Executive Protection
  • • Private Investigation
  • And much more….We start designing a security protocol for your business as soon as you connect with one of our security specialists.


Why Our Security Company Stands Out

We take the safety and security of your business seriously. That’s why we have rigorous training and hiring standards, ensuring that we’re only ever offering you the finest and most qualified security personnel. Our training process sends security officer candidates to learn and train with two of Philadelphia and New Jersey’s most comprehensive security programs. Both armed and unarmed security guard candidates receive real world training that is unrivaled by other security companies. Our commitment to working with top-tier officers doesn’t end there. All Tactical Response Security officers are required to take continuing education courses, ensuring that they stay alert to the changes in the security field.

Armed Or Unarmed Security Guards

All of our officers are trained to respond appropriately to any threat level. While you undoubtedly want the highest level of security available to you, you’ll want to hire security guards that are suitable for your business. Armed security guards are a vital part of keeping high-end or important facilities secure. Unarmed guards can be used in a wide variety of capacities, and can de-escalate many situations before they become out of control. Our security specialists can help you decide which is right for your business.

Executive Protection And Private Investigation

For those who need to protect their high-value staff, there’s no better solution than our executive protection services. With backgrounds in military service and law enforcement, our executive personnel team members are some of our most elite security officers. They make traveling for work or personal reasons easier and more secure. If your business needs to investigate a prospective hire or needs evidence for a legal proceeding, our private investigators can help you secure the information you need, when you need it most.

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Tactical Response Security is one of the leading security companies in Philadelphia. By partnering with us, your worksites, buildings, and employees will be able to focus on their work, while our security specialists focus on their safety. Connect with us today to arrange for security services for your business today.

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