Officer Selection

Our interview and screening process is designed to select only the most qualified and committed armed and unarmed security candidates.

All potential Tactical Response Security candidates must demonstrate a high level of integrity, professionalism and customer service. We specifically focus on the attributes and values that incorporate the philosophies and expectations of Tactical Response Security and our clients.

All applicants for the armed and unarmed security, executive protection, and private investigator positions will also complete an extensive employment application process that includes background checks, employment history, education, and training.

Executive Protection

​Specially trained for VIP and dignitary services, Executive Protection Personnel at Tactical Response Security are held to the highest standards, and far surpass the the already exacting standards of our officer candidates. In addition, all applicants possess a military or law enforcement background and must pass a rigorous, executive protection training course designed to produce only the highest caliber graduates.


The Private Investigators at Tactical Response Security are tasked with finding facts and analyzing information about legal, financial, and personal matters with the utmost integrity.

Tactical Response Security only hires individual with a proven track record of private investigative experience, technical expertise, professionalism, and success.

police academy
All applicants pass a rigorous executive protection training course designed to produce only the highest caliber graduates.

Tactical Response Security Consulting offers patrol officer services and serves clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as Camden, Newark, Reading, Jersey City, and Trenton, New Jersey, and nationwide.

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