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When people discuss the term “bodyguard,” their thoughts often jump to images of tough men in nice suits shepherding movie stars and politicians from limo to the front door of a building. But the reality is that bodyguards are useful for more than just A-list celebrities. Your career path, notoriety, and status may all influence your need for a bodyguard in any given moment.

As a leading provider of executive protection in the Philadelphia area, Tactical Response Security has offered our protective services to a wide variety of individuals and groups. Here are five kinds of people we’ve worked with in the past who needed a bodyguard.

Handlers of Expensive Goods or Money

Whether you’re moving large sums of cash from location to location, or you’re transporting a valuable good like jewelry, art, or even medical marijuana, having a complement of bodyguards is always a good idea. It makes your work easier, more secure, and more effective. Bodyguards monitor the environment around you for any potential threats, mitigating any threats to your work.

Individuals of Wealth

Similar to cash handlers, those who are known for their wealth are at particular risk of kidnapping, theft, or bodily harm. These individuals often hire some sort of executive protection as a deterrent to criminals and also to keep themselves and their loved ones secure. A bodyguard is an effective way to focus on the things that matter most to these individuals rather than managing their own safety.

High-Profile Individuals

If you’ve suddenly been thrust into the media spotlight, you may need added protection for your daily routines. Added attention brings with it security risks to your personal safety. It’s important then to incorporate a bodyguard into your life, even if temporarily, while you navigate your new found fame.

Divorcees and Domestic Violence Victims

Relationships do not always have a pleasant ending. If a former partner is threatening you after you’ve left them, or while you’re leaving them, a bodyguard is a great way to ensure peace of mind and a more peaceful transition out of that negative situation. If you have to continue to meet with this former partner for divorce or court proceedings, a bodyguard ensures your safety onsite.

Corporate Executives and Leadership

Your C-suite personnel are the brains behind your operation. Whether your company is worth a little or a lot, corporate criminals may attempt to kidnap them or hurt them in order to cripple your company. An executive protection protocol isn’t just an investment into the health and safety of your corporate leaders then, it’s an investment in the success and stability of your business as well.

Executive Protection Services In Philadelphia

If you’ve found yourself in need of added security measures for yourself or your business, it’s time to consider the executive protection services of Tactical Response Security. With years of experience and a team of security personnel that come from law enforcement and military backgrounds, we can ensure that you always feel safe and secure.

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