Medical Marijuana

The Security Experts for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Grows and Transports

Tactical Response Security specializes in providing security solutions for legal marijuana operations from grow to distribution. Our specially trained officers and management team meets the challenges and complexities of the industry while providing a safe and secure environment.


TRS armed and unarmed security officers are specifically selected and trained to secure medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition to regulatory compliance, our security personnel offer a level of expertise that untrained retail employees cannot provide. TRS security allows employers to protect their physical assets, employees and customers while decreasing liability for their business.



Grows can be a vulnerable phase of your business operations. Theft and Vandalism can destroy an entire crop, sidelining your supply chain. Our Specially trained officers and management team will develop a site specific Security plan to secure your grow and ensure your investment is protected.



Transporting your assets presents the greatest opportunity for criminals to impact your business. TRS provides highly trained and effective armed security personnel utilizing armored and covert vehicles to ensure you business assets are transported in a safe and secure fashion.

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Tactical Response Security Consulting offers medical marijuana protection services to clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Camden, Newark, Pittsburgh, Reading, Jersey City, Trenton and nationwide.

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