Unarmed Security Services

Unarmed security officers from Tactical Response Security are more than capable of
de-escalating nearly any high-stakes situation.

Unarmed Security Services

Whether you own a business or work with high-profile individuals, you know the value of providing security services to protect your property, assets, and people from theft and harm. But your business might not need the added force of an armed security officer.

Highly Trained to Keep You and Your Assets Safe

Our unarmed security training regimen is extensive. To ensure our officers can capably protect your business or event in Philadelphia, Trenton, and beyond, they are trained in skills like:

  • • Conflict Resolution
  • • ASP Baton
  • • OC Pepper Spray
  • • Handcuff Application
  • • First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • • Sensitivity Training
  • • Customer Service


Unarmed security officers from Tactical Response Security are more than capable of de-escalating nearly any high-stakes situation.

For business in low-risk areas or industries, the use of a highly-trained unarmed security officer from Tactical Response Security is the ideal protection solution. Unarmed security officers are a method of deterrence for many of the potential security problems a home or business faces on a daily basis. Because of their extensive training, the unarmed security officers from Tactical Response Security are more than capable of de-escalating nearly any high-stakes situation. Should the situation call for it, our unarmed officers can call in armed law-enforcement and security officers to address the situation.

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In particular, our clients appreciate having an unarmed security guard for these purposes:

  • • Parking lot surveillance
  • • Event security
  • • Check-in stations
  • • Theft deterrence
  • • Building and property security

The Advantages of Unarmed Security Services

The presence of armed security officers can sometimes attract the attention of unsavory elements. Unarmed security services are perfect for high-profile businesses and individuals who do not want to draw undue attention to their work. Unarmed security officers are the perfect security solution for federal institutions that do not allow the use of weapons on site. With their rigorous training, the unarmed security officers from Tactical Response Security can provide a protective presence for your workspace.


In many cases, having an unarmed security guard offers you advantages that an armed security guard cannot. For business owners or event coordinators in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, expenses are always a pressing issue. Hiring an unarmed security guard team is not as expensive as hiring armed guards. Additionally, there are added liability concerns for working with armed guards. This could mean higher costs later in the case of an incident regarding a discharged firearm.



Increased Comfort and Safety

The presence of a firearm, even on a trained and uniformed officer, can leave some people feeling uneasy. For employees and customers alike, unarmed security guards are often viewed as more approachable and friendly than their armed counterparts. This means that your employees and customers feel more secure while also having access to a knowledgeable resource.

Rapid Response

Additionally, using unarmed security guards allows you to scale to the threats your business or event might face. Armed security guards may escalate the force with which a criminal element uses against your business. Unarmed security guards are able to de-escalate high-tension events, make arrests, and coordinate with emergency services as needed.


Your Trusted Unarmed Security Company Serving the East Coast

Tactical Response Security Consulting Inc. values creating positive partnerships with our clients. Because our unarmed security officers are trained in customer service and sensitivity skills, you’ll quickly find that these officers are valuable additions to your business’s staff. They’ll share your businesses values and look for ways to improve not only the security of your business but the quality of service it offers as well.

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We proudly serve communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Camden, Newark, and Jersey City. Contact us today to speak with our security specialists and see how our unarmed security guards can help your business grow.

Tactical Response Security Consulting offers unarmed officer services and serves clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as Camden, Newark, Reading, Jersey City, and Trenton, New Jersey, and nationwide.

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