Federal Teaming

Federal Contracting Services

As a full-service security solutions provider, we offer our security services directly to the federal government. Whether you require armed officers, unarmed officers, or executive protection, we offer cost-effective security solutions from a certified MBE.

We support national security interests for federal agencies, foreign operations and Homeland Security. Our security officers are prepared to serve our nation as they protect our valuable facilities and personnel.

If you need custom security solutions anywhere nationwide, give us a call—we’d love to help.


A Certified Minority Business Enterprise

When speaking with buyers or purchasing agents, how many times are you asked about working with an MBE? How many times when you finally reach the key decision maker do they ask if you have a certain diversity status or mention they are looking to fill MBE goals?

Tactical Response Security is looking for strong partners who require an MBE-certified affiliation for federal agencies in a billion-dollar market.

Competition in today’s federal marketplace requires strong, trusted relationships between teaming and subcontractor partners. Whether you want to build a team or join one, Tactical Response Security believes that partnerships through teaming and subcontracting arrangements can clearly lead to greater success, help drive revenue, and provide a superior service to our clients.


Tactical Response Security Consulting offers unarmed officer services and serves clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Camden, Newark, Pittsburgh, Reading, Jersey City, Trenton and nationwide.

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