Executive Protection

Our executive protection team uses highly trained bodyguards to provide elite protective services.

These security services are aimed at protecting high profile figures, politicians, athletes, celebrities, CEO’s, upper management, or anyone who requires personal armed or unarmed security.

Often high profile, executives and affluent people find peace of mind in having personal armed or unarmed security and executive protection services at the office, during business meetings, while traveling or at home.

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Executive Protection Services


Today’s executives and high-profile individuals are faced with corporate and personal risks not seen even a decade ago. These additional risks require a multi-level solution that incorporates experienced, specially trained personnel and a management team who not only protects the client and their interests but also possess the professionalism, dedication, and tact to operate in this specialized field.

Tactical Response Security’s Executive Protection services provide professional security, planning, and management with minimal impact on our clients’ quality of life.

Customized Protection Plans and Services

  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Planning (Office, Home, and Traveling)
  • Protection Services (Office, Home, and Traveling)
  • Special Event Planning and Protection
  • Advance Travel Assessment and Planning
  • ​Advanced Route Planning
  • Law Enforcement and Venue Liaison Services

Tactical Response Security Consulting offers executive protection services to clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Camden, Newark, Pittsburgh, Reading, Jersey City, Trenton and nationwide.

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