Executive Protection


      Our executive protection team uses highly trained bodyguards to provide elite protective services.

      These security services are aimed at protecting high profile figures, politicians, athletes, celebrities, CEO’s, upper management, or anyone who requires personal armed or unarmed security.

      Often high profile, executives and affluent people find peace of mind in having personal armed or unarmed security and executive protection services at the office, during business meetings, while traveling or at home.

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      Executive Protection Services


      Today’s executives and high-profile individuals are faced with corporate and personal risks not seen even a decade ago. These additional risks require a multi-level solution that incorporates experienced, specially trained personnel and a management team who not only protects the client and their interests but also possess the professionalism, dedication, and tact to operate in this specialized field.

      Tactical Response Security’s Executive Protection services provide professional security, planning, and management with minimal impact on our clients’ quality of life.

      Customized Protection Plans and Services

      • Risk Assessment
      • Security Planning (Office, Home, and Traveling)
      • Protection Services (Office, Home, and Traveling)
      • Special Event Planning and Protection
      • Advance Travel Assessment and Planning
      • ​Advanced Route Planning
      • Law Enforcement and Venue Liaison Services

      A variety of people can benefit from having a team of executive protection personnel at their disposal. Our security team members can travel with you and enhance your existing security efforts. In particular, we’ve found that these individuals benefit immensely from the addition of an executive protection team:

      Dealers of Expensive Items

      Art and jewelry dealers, as well as cash handlers, can make their work and travels easier by utilizing executive protection security. Our personnel monitor the environment for threats and react accordingly.

      High Profile Individuals

      For those who are suddenly experiencing additional attention, you may need added protection to stay safe while completing your day-to-day activities. Partnering with an executive protection security team can alleviate many of your stressors and concerns.

      Corporate Executives

      Your high-level employees are vital to the success of your business. Their expertise, connections, and vision shape the future of your company. This makes them a target for criminals, kidnappers, and more. Without executive protection security, your business could suffer setbacks.

      Divorcees and Victims of Domestic Violence

      When a former partner is threatening you, working with an executive protection team adds a barrier between you and them. This ensures that you have a more peaceful transition out of the relationship. We can also protect you during the course of any legal proceedings.

      The right security team integrates into your business or life seamlessly. Even if you have an existing security protocol, you’ll find that the addition of our executive protection personnel can eliminate potential threats before you are even aware of them.

      By partnering with Tactical Response Security, you’re offering your business a competitive edge. When security concerns are removed from your daily operations, your high-profile leaders and individuals can fully concentrate their efforts on the work that helps your business grow. Give your business and its leaders every opportunity to succeed and work with us today.

      With military and law enforcement backgrounds, our executive protection personnel are highly trained and are ready to work in a wide variety of environments and in any capacity you need them. No matter where you work or live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Tactical Response Security can provide the executive protection support you need. We work in communities like Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, Trenton, and beyond. Contact us today to speak with one of our security specialists.

      Tactical Response Security Consulting offers executive protection services to clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Camden, Newark, Pittsburgh, Reading, Jersey City, Trenton and nationwide.

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