How To Choose A Security Company In Philadelphia

Finding The Right Security Services For You

Let’s face it, security services entail a lot more than simply posting a person wearing a uniform that reads “Security” near the entrance to an event. When you’re looking for security services in a city like Philadelphia, you want to be positive that the security company you’re working with can ensure a safe, secure environment for whatever it is you have going on. At Tactical Response Security, we’re proud to be Philadelphia’s leading security company. Today, we’re going to use our knowledge of security in the city to run through how to choose the right security company for you.

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A Variety Of Services

Trustworthy Employees


To start, you can’t go wrong examining the experience that a security company boasts. Through proper training and then quality experience, a security company will develop skills, connections, and an intimate knowledge of their service area that’s absolutely essential to a high-quality security service provider. What’s more, when a security company has a large amount of experience, you’ll be able to get an understanding of how successful and effective their security services are by looking at customer testimonials, and their overall reputation within their service area. If reviews are overwhelmingly good, that’s a great sign — and if you find any disastrous reviews or news about a security company’s failings, be sure to steer clear. At Tactical Response Security, we have years of high-quality experience service Philadelphia and the reputation to prove it. What’s more, our quality assurance guarantee should leave you resting assured that when you employ our services, you’re in secure, experienced, knowledgeable hands.


A Variety Of Services

Next, you want to be sure that your security company is able to serve you how you need to be served. For instance, you don’t want to rely on a security company that only offers uniformed guards, or even a company that offers exclusively armed guards. Instead, you should look for a company with a diverse array of services. For one, this ensures that you can get the security services that you need — be it a one-time security guard, or high-quality investigative services. But further than simply offering the services you need, when a security company has diverse services, that means they can also help you determine what security services are best suited for your unique situation. As you can see from the list we included above, at Tactical Response Security, we offer all the security services you could need! From risk assessments to armed security guards, when you work with us, we’ll sit down to create a security plan perfectly tailored to your protection needs.

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Trustworthy Employees

While the security company has a reputation of its own, it’s also important to understand the quality of the individual employees who will be staffing your event or service as your protection. That said, how can you tell if a security company has well-trained employees who can practice restraint, effectively and efficiently perform their duties, and have a vast knowledge of security? We can’t speak for the quality of other security companies in Philadelphia, but at Tactical Response Security, we do absolutely everything we can to ensure the best security personnel in the city. We start with a rigorous selection process to get the best possible officers to provide you services. Include this vector After this intense selection process, we move onto our training protocol. While there is a massive list of components we could talk about in terms of our training, we’ll keep it simple today. At the bare minimum, we require our employees to be certified in a number of skills and services before being sent to provide our security services.

Some of the certifications we require our employees to get include:
  • Include image of a trustworthy looking security guard with list
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Weapons Threat Continuum
  • ASP Baton
  • OC Pepper Spray
  • Handcuff Application
  • Customer Service
  • Sensitivity Training
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • Blood-borne Pathogens

Then, after our employees are trained, we hold them accountable and ensure their continuing development. Our Quality Assurance systems serve to uplift the services we offer and the people we employ. Again, security is no joke and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Because of this, we require the best from our employees so we can offer the best to you.

Ultimately, if you’re in need of security services in Philadelphia, you want to trust the security company that offers not only the services you need, but also the experience and staff that’s essential for executing high-quality, reliable security services. At Tactical Response Security, we’ve spent years and years working in the Philadelphia area, serving a variety of clients, and developing both our skills and understanding of the city and how it works. This means that we’ve encountered every type of security need and we’ve executed them all flawlessly. Not only that, but we’ve made connections through the city and understand how to plan security services based on the city’s layout and features. When you need the best security company in Philadelphia, don’t hesitate! Connect with the proven experts at Tactical Response Security.
As Philadelphia’s (and the surrounding area’s) leading security company, Tactical Response Security takes great pride in offering you security services that, well, make you feel safe and secure. At the end of the day, it’s our job to do just that, and we’ll ensure that’s the case. No matter if you’re considering enlisting the help of a security company or you’re in urgent need of security personnel, be sure to contact us today via the button or form below!

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