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The Differences Between Executive Protection and Bodyguards

man running up stairs When it comes to hiring an executive protection security service, there are multiple options available. There are armed security guards, unarmed security guards, guards that have been highly trained specifically for executive protection, and then there are bodyguards. So when it comes to choosing one over the other, you might be wondering if there is really a difference. At Tactical Response Security, we specialize in providing exceptional security and private investigator services in Pennsylvania. Here are some of the key differences between hiring someone to provide executive protection and hiring just a bodyguard.       man on walkie talkie    


Some people think that protection comes in the form of a large, intimidating-looking person who isn’t afraid to fight. Many have hired bodyguards on these qualities alone. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best way to keep someone — or several people — out of harm’s way. Guards who provide executive protection are highly trained to be able to prepare for, and ultimately avoid threats. 
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Proactive Approach

Bodyguards are often hired as a way to provide protection after something has occurred. Executive protection security services, on the other hand, are enlisted to engage in risk assessments and proactively plan how to avoid anything from happening in the first place. For instance, for a high-profile person who is attending a large public event, executive security can plan for safe transportation to and from the event, find the best way to access and leave the building, and ensure only approved people enter private areas.   
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Protective Rather Than Reactive

In the event that an altercation can’t be avoided, bodyguards and those hired to provide executive protection tend to have two different reactions. Many bodyguards are ready and willing to fight themselves out of a situation, whereas for a trained executive guard, the use of brute force will be avoided at all costs. In fact, the primary goal of having executive protection is to have someone who will plan how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and proactively put measures in place to ensure that an altercation doesn’t occur.  
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Professional Skills

When there is so much at stake for a high-profile person, business, or entire organization, it’s important to make sure that you’re hiring the right person for protection. By hiring executive protection instead of just a bodyguard, you’re going to get someone who has been highly trained and likely has experience working in law enforcement. At Tactical Response Security, we seek out only the best to join our team — those who exhibit professionalism, maturity, and good judgment. 
If you’re looking for the best in executive protection, give us a call today. All of our executive protection personnel possess a military or law enforcement background and must pass a rigorous executive protection training course designed to produce only the highest caliber graduates. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

Why Executive Protection Is Important to an Organization

High-ranking officials and C-suite executives often live their lives in the spotlight, making them prime targets for disgruntled employees, competitors, and other ill-wishing people. However, if key members of an organization always feel as though they can’t be in the public eye without risking their safety or the safety of their family, then it will be difficult to recruit people to those positions and the company’s productivity will suffer.  Executive protection planning is key for ensuring the health and safety of a business and its employees. Here’s why:        

Safeguard Key Members

The primary purpose of executive protection is to protect key leaders in an organization. These high-profile individuals deserve peace of mind knowing that they’re protected from those wishing them harm. Whether they’re at a large public event, traveling, or just out with their family on the weekend, executive protection can allow them to do their job and live their life without fear.

Protect Company Reputation

If a high-ranking leader of an organization is targeted and incapacitated in some way, it’s not only devastating for them and their family but it can also be detrimental to the business if word gets out. One mention on social media and all of a sudden the world will know of the event, causing consumers, clients, suppliers, and employees to question the security and stability of the company. 

Increase Productivity

For CEOs and other top executives, time is money. If they are constantly worried about their protection, or have to take extra time to plan for their own safety, they’ll be less productive.  By hiring the right executive protection company or training the security staff already in place, executives don’t have to worry about their safety because all of the planning and preparation will be done for them. That allows them to work and travel freely, engage with customers and key business partners, and do all of the things they need to do to make their business a successful one. 

Competitive Advantage

One minor incident involving a top executive can have spiraling effects on a company. By hiring an executive protection security service, you can ensure “business as usual” without the fear of interruptions. This can give your company a direct advantage by allowing those in charge the freedom to do what they do best.  
Are you looking for executive protection services in Pennsylvania? At Tactical Response Security, we offer complete armed and unarmed security services tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Our services include risk assessment, security planning, armed and unarmed protection services, and more. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Why Choose Us for Armed Security in Philadelphia

There are numerous reasons why a business might need to hire the services of a security company in Philadelphia. Whether you just want help with safeguarding your staff and customers or you want to prevent theft, vandalism, or any other violent crime, hiring the services of an armed security company will improve the sense of safety in your business space. If you are considering hiring an armed security service company in Philadelphia, here are some of the top reasons why Tactical Response Security is an ideal choice for you.

We Offer Armed Security in Philadelphia

Our company has been operating in Philadelphia for several years. We understand the unique needs of clients in the Philadelphia area. Unlike other security companies that try to register their presence all over the country, thereby wearing their services too thin, we concentrate on serving clients in the Philly area with personalized and hands-on security services.

We Hire Only the Best Employees to Provide You With Armed Security in Philadelphia 

At the center of any efficient security services, you must have the best security officers. We don’t just pick anyone looking for armed security guard jobs. All our employees go through a thorough selection process complete with interviews, background checks, drug profiling, and criminal history checks. They are also evaluated to confirm they are medically and psychologically fit to discharge their services to the highest level of efficiency possible.

Top-Notch Armed Security Guard Job Training

In addition to choosing the best team for the job, all our security officers are properly trained in both classroom and field settings. Prospective Tactical Response Security agents are trained based on two of the most comprehensive security programs in New Jersey and Philadelphia. These agents receive world-class training to teach them standard security procedures and relevant state laws. These training programs are also aimed at helping them develop good judgment, excellent communication, courtesy, and proper conduct at their job. Our officers also undergo continuous education courses to keep them up to date with the latest trends and changes in the world of security.

We Continually Evaluate Our Processes as a Provider of Armed Security in Philadelphia 

Security is an ever-evolving concept. What worked yesterday for Business A might not work for Business B. As a conscious company focused on maintaining a high level of accountability and performance for our security guards, we consistently update our processes. The performance of our employees and the security situation where they are assigned is continually evaluated, and necessary changes and supplementary training are introduced to maintain the highest safety standards.
The key to efficient and reliable security services is to hire the right company for the job. Tactical Response Security offers highly skilled and well-trained officers equipped with all you need to secure your business, staff, and customers at all times. Have you been wondering and asking questions like where to find the best armed security companies near me in Philadelphia? Look no further than Tactical Response Security.

Reliable Armed Security Services with Tactical Response Security

As a business owner, you are obligated to keep your staff and customers safe at all times against various threats. This is why hiring armed security services is important. You also want to safeguard your property and prevent loss. To ensure this, you need the services of a highly trained and efficient armed security company like Tactical Response Security in Philadelphia.    

What Do Armed Security Companies Near Me In Philadelphia Do?

The primary responsibilities of an armed security guard vary from one organization to the other depending on why they have been employed. For instance, a security officer at a bank or any other financial institution is there to prevent theft. Their work is somewhat different from that of security officers providing executive protection services. However, in most cases, their underlying obligations often fall under one of these categories:
  • Protecting property and/or people.
  • Preventing criminal activities like vandalism and theft or violent attacks.
  • Identifying and diffusing potentially violent or criminal situations.
  • Reacting with force (lethal force if necessary) if the situation warrants it.

Skills and Basic Qualities Required to Have an Armed Security Guard Job

The position of a armed security guard requires a unique set of skills to enhance the training that armed security guards undergo. Some of these skills include situational awareness, the ability to detect suspicious behaviors and body language that raise red flags, good communication, dependability, and confidentiality. An armed security service company must be able to guarantee that its personnel can fulfill these qualities and more

Training For Armed Security in Philadelphia 

Delivering efficient armed security service requires extensive training. This includes various levels of combat tutelage, risk assessment, and an ability to prevent incidents from escalating beyond control. Although armed security guards are allowed to use lethal force, this is meant to be a last resort when no other option is practical. Learning to determine when using lethal force will be necessary is a crucial part of training for armed security officers.

Find Armed Security Companies Near Me

The most efficient method to get armed security guards to protect you or your property is to enlist the service of a specialist armed security service company in Philadelphia. A reputable armed security service company like Tactical Response Security ensures that all their employees are properly licensed and well trained to carry out the services required of them.
If you’re in need of security services in Philadelphia, it’s time to contact Tactical Response Security. Reach out to our team today to learn more.
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