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Comprehensive Risk Management Programs

Tactical Response Security offers the best risk management program available via our threat assessment and risk analysis services to our clients in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas, as well as our clients nationwide. Our risk management services will enable your business to better approach your security, keeping your operation, employees, and customers safe.

We can provide threat assessment and risk analysis services to:
  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Banks
  • Armored car companies
  • Warehouses
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • And More

What Is Threat Assessment

When providing your business or home with our threat assessment services, we’ll conceptualize all of the potential threats that could affect you. A few examples of the threats we’ll identify that could affect your locale are accidental threats, natural threats, criminal threats, terrorist threats, and more.

With each threat we identify, we’ll also identify the likelihood of the respective threat. To provide a quick example, let’s look at natural threats. Mainly, we’ll consider the location of your business and home, and the natural threats that could affect it, from floods to tornados. Then, we’ll look at historical data from the location to develop an understanding of how often and how severe these natural threats are. From there, we are able to identify the likelihood of whatever natural threats are possible, and provide a risk management plan to avoid disaster.

This translates to other types of threats that we’ll assess, however, with each particular threat there will be different processes for identifying likelihood. For instance, with terrorist threats, we won’t be necessarily looking at historical data, but instead, we’ll look for who could be targeting you, what aspects of your home or business could be targeted, etc.

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Vulnerability Assessment

The second aspect of a threat assessment is assessing your vulnerability to said threats. The idea behind this is to understand how intense of an effect any given threat would have in the event that it took place. In terms of how we rank your vulnerability, we do it on a scale. Your vulnerability can rate from low, meaning your home or business is simply not high-profile as a target for any threats we’ve assessed, all the way to very high, meaning that you’re a high-profile candidate for threats, or that your security measures are drastically inadequate based on the threats you’re facing.

From there, we’ll give you an identifier based on what we assess the results would be if you underwent an event including any of the threats you’re prone to. This is called the impact of loss rating, and is also rated on a scale. This scale goes from minor, meaning that your home or business won’t be derailed or affected by said event, to devastating, meaning that your home is inhabitable or your business is unable to operate at all.

What Is Risk Analysis?

Think of risk analysis as the culmination of the information we gather through threat assessment. Once we’ve completed our threat assessment of your home or business, we’ll use that information to create your risk analysis. This consists of tables that identify the biggest risks and threats to your business. Upon the completion of our risk analysis, you’ll receive a rating for each risk on the following scale:

  • Low – The risks you face are acceptable. While you’ll still need to implement measures to mitigate low-rated risks, you’re more-or-less in good shape.
  • Medium – The risks you face are only acceptable in the short-term future. In fact, it’s imperative that you consider these risks, include fixing them in your future plans, and budget for them.
  • High – The risks you face are unacceptable. You will have to address and mitigate them ASAP.
  • Very High – Again, the risks are unacceptable, but to the point that they must be addressed immediately.

Now What?

Once we’ve completed your threat assessment and risk analysis, we’re going to provide you with upgrade recommendations. Obviously, these recommendations will be in relation to the threats and risks you’re facing, and how you can upgrade your current building and security systems to protect you against and prepare for the threats and risks you face.

At Tactical Response Security, our mission is simple. We want to help you achieve a secure, knowledgeable home or business. We want to keep people safe, and we want to share the skills we’ve worked so hard to perfect so we can all benefit.

If you’re interested in recruiting our threat assessment and risk analysis services, or if you have questions about the services we offer, please contact us today via the form below. We look forward to working with you.

Tactical Response Security Consulting offers unarmed officer services and serves clients in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as Camden, Newark, Reading, Jersey City, and Trenton, New Jersey, and nationwide.

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