August 26th, 2018


There is a shift in how businesses are structuring their companies and their spending. While, for many years, companies would have in-house departments and services for nearly everything they needed, in recent years, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource these services. This includes armed security and other protective services. Today, many businesses in the Philadelphia area are making similar decisions as to whether they should host their own in-house security service, or hire from an outside security contractor. As Philadelphia’s leading armed security provider, Tactical Response Security will outline the differences between these two options.


This is typically the first thing that businesses consider when discussing whether to hire a security team in-house or contract them. Generally, companies have found that the costs are equal, but what is gained for those expenses are radically different. While wages for both armed security officers may be the same, companies that choose to hire in-house security have to pay for their insurance, their time-off, uniforms, equipment, and more. Conversely, these issues are covered by the contracted security service, ensuring that your company gets more for the same amount of money.


Training is one of the critical components in this decision. Because they carry a firearm, armed security officers need to have additional, specialized training than their unarmed counterparts. For businesses looking to develop an in-house security program, they will need to partner with outside firms to train their potential officers. Adding training comes at an additional cost that has to be budgeted for. Contracted security services, like Tactical Response Security, have training expectations and programs that ensure that their officers are prepared to handle a variety of situations and emergencies the moment they set foot on your property. The quality of their training is often higher than in-house armed security officers.

Managing Your Security Team

For many businesses, there is a sense that in-house armed security teams are more directly tied to the success and safety of the organization, and that contracted security is harder to control and manage. In many cases, businesses have found that the opposite is true. Because the contracted team is better trained and more focused on one singular aspect of the business, it’s safety, they are easier to manage. Business managers spend less time dealing with the security team, and more time focusing on the aspects of their business that matter most to its success.


Choose Us For Armed Security In Philadelphia

By now, it should be clear that contracting with an armed security agency in Philadelphia, like Tactical Response Security, ensures that your business is kept safe thanks to a higher degree of training, a better value for the money, and for its hands-off management style. If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security measures to your business, contact Tactical Response Security today. After a security survey, we can develop an armed security protocol that meets the unique needs of your business.

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