September 19th, 2018

With more and more states allowing for the use of medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana, cannabis is becoming an increasingly more profitable plant. Of course, like every industry, any time there is money to be made legally, there are those looking to gain it through illicit means. The remarkable growth that many dispensaries are experiencing makes them an obvious target for petty crime, and more serious security threats. As a leading provider of unarmed security services in Trenton and beyond, Tactical Response Security has worked with several dispensaries. Below are some reasons why your cannabis company might need security.    

Ensuring That Quality People Are Working With Your Product

Conducting thorough background checks on all of a dispensary’s employees is certain to weed out many unsavory candidates who might be tempted to steal your products and distribute them illegally. Working with a private security service, or a private investigator means that you can collect detailed background checks, and make accurate assessments into the integrity of your current or potential employees.

Prevent Employee Theft

However, a background check cannot account for those who may decide to behave irresponsibly once they’ve found employment. A recent report found that one of the greatest challenges dispensaries face is employee theft. Nearly 90 percent of reported losses are from employee theft in the cannabis industry. This is an unsustainable level for a business. The presence of an unarmed security officer will dissuade employees from stealing cash, cannabis, and other medical marijuana products from your dispensary.

Discourage Property Crimes

Many medical marijuana dispensaries use a cash-based transaction system, meaning that there can be potentially thousands of dollars on site at any given moment. This makes dispensaries or particular interest to criminals looking to burglarize these establishments. More than just cash, however, criminals are likely to also still cannabis, either for their own consumption or to sell it illegally at a profit. In both situations, the victim is the dispensary, who loses valuable resources that impact the welfare of their business. Keeping even an unarmed guard on the premises can ward away those who would steal from your establishment. If your dispensary is located in a problem neighborhood, you may even upgrade your security personnel to armed security so that they can adequately react to a violent robbery attempt.

The High Stakes Of Transporting Your Product

Armored trucks have been used for decades to move stacks of greenbacks, but now they’re being used to transport other forms of greenery. Transporting your cannabis, as well as your cash assets, should be of critical concern for your dispensary. Experiencing a transport truck robbery can result in thousands of dollars in lost money and inventory.

Maintain Your Security With Tactical Response Security

Given that the entirety of the United States has yet to legalize marijuana, ensuring that your product stays within legal states is of the utmost priority. It not only ensures the long-term success of your business, but it also ensures the welfare of the entire cannabis industry, as it is seen as safe and legitimate by critics. If you’re looking to enhance the security of your dispensary, contact us today. Our armed and unarmed security officers are trained to work in dispensaries, protect grows, and even assist in transportation. We serve cities across New Jersey including Trenton, as well as the rest of the nation. Connect with Tactical Response Security now.

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