October 3rd, 2018

Marijuana, to say the least, is a growing field. In late 2017, Forbes estimated that the marijuana industry is valued at nearly $31.4 billion. With more states in the United States legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, more people have access to cannabis than ever before. As with any growing industry, there are also growing threats. Medical marijuana dispensaries are the targets of crime, internally, and externally. This means that it’s more important than ever to keep your business safe. Having worked with many dispensaries, Tactical Response Security has insights into keeping your dispensary in Trenton secure.

Improve Your Customer Service

This may not be obvious, but developing a positive relationship with your customers can also keep your business safe. Welcoming each customer with a smile and offering them a quality shopping experience ensures that they view your business favorably. This also shows that you are paying attention to who is shopping at your dispensary. This can help to deter criminals who try to case your business, looking for ways to break in, and what to steal. Good customer service then deters criminal elements while also earning your business a loyal customer base.

Conduct Rigorous Inventory Management

Reports suggest that 90 percent of losses incurred by cannabis businesses are from internal theft. Employees steal products for their personal use. This can be avoided by being very careful with your product and keeping detailed inventory records. Managing your inventory effectively using specialized programs and systems ensures that nothing goes amiss. You might limit access to storage areas, or even conduct additional background checks on employees who transport and handle your cannabis products that are not behind the counter.

Install Video Surveillance Systems

The proliferation of high-definition and compact cameras in the last few years means that installing a video surveillance system is now affordable and easy. In many cases, these camera systems can live stream and record video through the internet, meaning that you can check in on your dispensary even if you’re working from the next city over. Having video footage of any suspicious activity or any robberies assists police in their investigation. In many cases, however, the camera itself serves as a deterrent, as criminals will know that their actions are being monitored.

Hire Security Personnel

While the marijuana industry is becoming increasingly more legitimate, some dispensaries may struggle to find locations for their businesses in nicer, less crime-prone areas. This means that due to location and vocation, dispensaries are at a higher risk of crime than other businesses. While the measures listed above go a long way in keeping your business secure, nothing compares to hiring a professional security service. The presence of either unarmed or armed security officers can ensure that criminals do not attempt to rob your store. By working with a security service, their specialists can provide you with other ideas and measures that keep your business safe by looking at your entire operation.

Tactical Response Security only trains the most promising of candidates to become our security officers. If you’re looking to hire armed security for your medical marijuana dispensary in Trenton, you can trust us to provide an unrivaled level of service and professionalism. Call us today to schedule a security consultation.

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