July 17th, 2018

Thank you for joining us on the Tactical Response Security blog. As one of the leading private security guard companies on the East Coast and across the nation, we’re proud to offer our clients security solutions that are tailored to their unique circumstances and needs. For our first blog post, we’ll cover the purpose of the blog page, and some of our services.

The Tactical Response Security Blog

On the Tactical Response Security blog page, you’ll find a variety of resources, articles, and posts about our services, our role in the day-to-day activities of your business or personal life, and insights into how you can improve your own personal security even when one of our armed or unarmed security officers is not present. We hope that you’ll use the Tactical Response Security blog as a resource that helps inform your security and protection decisions.

Our Security Services

The experienced security teams at Tactical Response Security are ready and willing to take on any of your security needs and concerns. We employ only the finest of security guards and protection personnel thanks to our rigorous training system and selection process. The result is a team of security guards and specialists that can effortlessly integrate into your existing security protocols, or completely redesign them to meet any present threats.

Armed And Unarmed Security

We offer security services that are appropriate to your perceived threat level. For businesses in low-risk areas, or for events and performances, you can rely on our unarmed security officers to respond effectively to any emergency. For those in need of more comprehensive security, or for establishments in high-crime areas, our armed security officers are trained in a complete range of de-escalation skills, as well as firearms training.

Executive Protection

Our executive protection personnel are the most elite members of the Tactical Response Security team. With extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military service, these security specialists are the ideal protection team for high profile individuals. You can enjoy the peace of mind that our executive protection personnel provide you everywhere you go, whether that’s across town to visit a work site, or across the country for an important meeting.

Private Investigation

No two investigations are alike, that’s why our private investigators stand out from other investigation services. Our investigators have worked with criminal and civil cases, as well as corporate and domestic investigations. Discreet, thorough, and professional, our private investigators can obtain the information you need when you need it.

For those looking for a comprehensive security service that will take the time to understand your needs and your position, it’s time that you reach out to the experts at Tactical Response Security. When you work with our security team, we leverage all of our resources to ensure that your safety is maintained. We serve a variety of industries and fields, everything from construction sites and chemical facilities to aerospace and defense facilities. No matter your security needs, our officers are up to the challenge. Contact us today to meet with a security specialist in your area.

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