September 5th, 2018


For business owners, high-profile individuals, and other VIPs, there are certain risks that others do not experience. Attacks, kidnapping, and stalking are all issues that come with the life these individuals lead. To mitigate these impacts, or to avoid them entirely, many are turning to executive protection services to keep them safe from harm. But what is executive protection exactly? As a leading executive protection service in Philadelphia, Tactical Response Security is here to offer insights as to the role of executive protection officers.

Not Just A Bodyguard

Often, people conflate executive protection officers with bodyguards. This is an easy mistake to make, as both are close with their clients, both physically, and operationally. Both executive protection officers and personal bodyguards travel with their client, be it across the country or even just across the building. However, the level of training and the purpose is dramatically different between these two professions. Bodyguards are a reactive force. If a VIP is attacked while walking into a building, bodyguards are there to repel the attack. Executive protection services are designed to a be proactive and reactive measure. Executive protection officers work to ensure that their clients are never in any danger in the first place, but if their planning is challenged, they can respond appropriately.

Mitigating Risks To Your Person

As a proactive security measure, executive protection personnel are trained in a wide variety of security protocols and programs. Often, an executive protection officer will develop home security programs, coordinate with bodyguards, arrange for travel arrangements, and carry out background checks on potential employees, or those who work closely with the VIP. In order to better serve their clients, executive protection personnel are often trained in fields beyond just security. First aid, offensive and defensive driving, marksmanship, and even programming are just some of the skills that many officers are experienced in before they begin their work.

The Background Of Executive Protection

First coined in the 1970s, the Executive Protection Service was first established by the United States Secret Service when they needed trained officers to guard diplomats and foreign dignitaries as they traveled around the world. The name was applied to private contractors and firms that provide similar services, or in many cases, expanded services, designed to keep private individuals safe.

At an individual level, it is not uncommon for executive protection officers to have a background in law enforcement, or the military. These skills translate readily to the private sector, as their training in situational awareness, emergency response, and even tactical situations are necessary to keep their clients safe.


At Tactical Response Security, we offer executive protection service positions only to the officers who have excelled in their field and are the most qualified to keep you safe. Working with our security specialists, our executive protection personnel can seamlessly integrate themselves into your existing security measures, and offer valuable insights and strategies that can elevate your security. Don’t compromise on your safety. Hire Philadelphia’s leading executive protection service today. Contact Tactical Response Security now.

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