August 16th, 2018


As a business owner in Philadelphia, you have a lot to consider on a day-to-day basis. There are financial decisions to make, marketing campaigns to launch, employees to manage, and more. Adding to that already long list is the decision to hire armed security services for your business. It’s not a decision that should be made blithely, as you’ll want to ensure that an armed security service is the best way to protect your assets in Philadelphia. Tactical Response Security will explore some situations and ideas that might encourage you to hire armed security.

If You Work In A High Crime Area

Philadelphia may be the city of brotherly love, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a safe place to call home. Some parts of the city are more prone to violent and property crime than others. This means that you and your employees are at greater risk of theft, assault, and other crimes. The presence of armed guards, in most situations, is enough to deter would-be criminals from attacking your employees or your business. In situations where the threat level has escalated, an armed guard can respond appropriately and effectively.

If Your Employees Feel Unsafe

While this may be difficult to measure, it’s likely affecting your business in more ways than you realize. If employees do not feel safe at work, it’s likely impacting their productivity and customer service. In some cases, you may already have unarmed security guards, but your employees still feel unsafe. In these cases, there is an issue that isn’t being addressed at your business. The addition of armed security to your business can help your employees feel safer. In some cases, some employees may feel uncomfortable with the presence of firearms on your work site. In these cases, it’s best to host a meeting that explains the reasoning behind the addition of armed security to your employees, and have members of the armed security team introduce themselves.

When Nearby Businesses Use Armed Security

If, in speaking with other businesses in your area, you discover that many of them use an armed security service, listen to their reasoning. In most circumstances, you’ll find that you share their concerns. Similarly, listen to their results. If they found that their concerns were addressed with the addition of armed security, then it’s likely that your issues can be resolved as well. Additionally, if you are known as the only business in the area without an armed security service, you may be the victim of increased crime, as criminals know that there is less risk at your business.


Choose Us For Armed Security In Philadelphia

If you’re considering hiring an armed security service for your business in Philadelphia, then look no further than the specialists at Tactical Response Security. We are a full-service armed security company in that serves Philadelphia, as well as states across the East Coast and the country. We craft a security protocol that meets the unique needs of your business, keeping you, your employees, and your assets from any number of threats. Our officers undergo a rigorous training system before they are allowed to partner with your business. Connect with us today and keep your business secure.

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