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Who Can Benefit Most From Executive Protection?

Security and executive protection services are becoming more and more important every day. The world is evolving into a strange place where bad things can happen to seemingly anyone at any time. While at Tactical Response Security, we’re sure that everyone could benefit from executive protection on some level at some point, there are some individuals that could benefit more than others. Keep reading to learn more about the types of people who could benefit the most from executive protection services and contact us today to learn more.

Professional Athletes

Sometimes, fans can get a little overzealous. Whether they are fans of a rival team or even fans of the team/sport the athlete is involved in, things can get out of hand very quickly. Not to mention some professional athletes make considerable income, which may tempt unseemly individuals from trying to extort funds from them. Working with executive protection services like ours at Tactical Response Security can help give you peace of mind that you are protected no matter what.

High-Profile Individuals

Professional athletes aren’t the only ones that can benefit from executive protection. Other high-profile individuals, like celebrities for example, can often find themselves the target of criminal activity. Other high-profile individuals may be someone involved in a largely publicized trial, local legends, or someone recently featured in a high-profile news story. Regardless of the situation, executive protection services at Tactical Response Security will access your specific situation and provide security accordingly.

Entrepreneurs That Work With High-Value Items

Whether you are selling a high-dollar item on craigslist or are a high-end art dealer who regularly deals with high-value items, it’s always a wise decision to hire executive protection services to make sure your valuable goods aren’t taken from you. At Tactical Response Security, we offer armed and unarmed executive protection options to help you feel comfortable and safe so you can focus on doing your job.

CEOs/Corporate Executives

CEOs and other high-level corporate executives often find themselves in need of additional security. Executive protection services work well for a variety of executives within large corporations. From rival businesses to former employees, executive protection helps to ensure your safety so you can continue to focus on running your business.

At-Risk Individuals

A common misconception is that executive protection services are only useful to powerful executives or famous people. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Everyday people can also find tremendous value in executive protection services. Perhaps you are meeting with someone who makes you feel unsafe, traveling somewhere where you’ve had trouble before, or need to meet with a former partner with a history of violence. Unfortunately, there are numerous situations in which people find themselves in need of extra protection. Luckily, Tactical Response Security is here to help you feel safe and protected.

Hire Executive Protection at Tactical Response Security

Thanks for checking out today’s blog at Tactical Response Security! We hope you see the value that executive protection services can bring to you as an individual and for your business and will choose to work with us next time you are in need of a little extra security. Feel free to reach out to us today to get started.

What Is A Private Investigator?

A Guide To Private Investigation

Welcome back to the Tactical Response Security blog! Here’s where we post content all about our security company in Philadelphia, the security services we provide to our clients, and security in general.Today, we’ll be giving our readers the rundown on a security service that we offer at our business — private investigation. We’ll cover what private investigators do, the processes they use to do their work, and how they can help you.

The Basics: What They Are And What They Do

Simply put, private investigators (P.I.s) are individuals who do investigatory work for individual people or groups. Most times, private investigators are utilized in legal situations to provide deeper insight to a criminal or civil investigation, but they can also be employed for people’s personal matters. While it’s likely that people have been performing the services that P.I.s provide for as long as people have had problems to solve, the first official private investigation firm can be dated back to 1833.Contemporarily, there are private investigators throughout the United States. There are some regulations around who can be a P.I., and some requirements needed to declare one’s self a private investigator, but they’re all on the state level. While there is no standardized federal regulations dictating what criteria must be met to be an official P.I., there are enough independent licenses and certifications on the state level to ensure that you’re enlisting a high-quality private investigator.Now that we know what they are, let’s talk a little bit about what P.I.s do! While private investigators are independent entities from law enforcement, they often times work with and in close proximity to defense attorneys when taking cases. This means that they may collaborate or share information with other people on the case. Beyond that, P.I.s are often recruited to prove insurance fraud, or to acquire information about a spouse’s ‘bad behavior’ for divorce cases.As a general rule, any private investigator will work to collect and discover evidence relevant to the case, dissect and analyze the information and evidence they gather, and finally, debrief their clients on their findings.To gather their information and evidence, a P.I. does anything from general research on parties involved in the investigation, to heavy surveillance work of people and places associated with the case. Occasionally, private investigators will even go undercover to research and collect evidence! While most of this sounds like your average TV private investigator, there is another aspect that is crucial to fulfilling the job description. As a P.I. investigates a case and gathers research, they’re also responsible for filling out and filing all of the associated paperwork.

How Private Investigators Can Help You

For the average person, there are a wide variety of ways that a P.I. could be helpful. Most commonly, you can use a private investigator to run official background checks. Going further, you can utilize a P.I. to gather evidence for personal court cases. Essentially, private investigators are great for people who are looking to legitimately gather more information about a case that they’re involved with legally. To get an in-depth idea of some situations where you could benefit from hiring a private investigator, check out our blog, Reasons To Hire A Private Investigator.

Tactical Response Security

We hope that you’ve learned some helpful information about private investigators from this blog! And remember, if you’re in need of elite private investigators in Philadelphia or Jersey City, give us a call. We offer elite private investigators and security services! Visit our website to learn more about our private investigation services.

Security Tips For Your Dispensary

In previous posts, we’ve covered a few ideas on how you can improve your safety at your dispensary and whether you should get a security company involved at your worksite. These posts have been popular with our customers, and since the cannabis industry has been blossoming in recent years, we thought it prudent to continue to offer more security strategies for growers and sellers in Trenton and beyond.

Commit To Continuous Production

Some cannabis growing operations only produce large batches once or twice a year. While this might work in the short-term as it can keep costs down, in the long-term, it could be causing security concerns. When you have a year-round production cycle, you’re holding onto the same employees. Once they’ve been vetted and hired, you can rely on them to keep an eye on your product, limiting employee theft. That’s because you’re not hiring a new group of employees every time you start a new crop.

Make Identification A Priority

For those employed in the cannabis industry, this is already a reality. Employees may have to get a state-issued license or ID to work in a dispensary. Make sure your employees are wearing these every day at work all through their shift. By having them clearly displayed, you can quickly recognize if someone doesn’t belong by the counter. You can do the same for your customers by checking their IDs and med cards at the door. This not only ensures that no one underage or without their med cards makes it into the dispensary, but it also helps you to keep a record of who’s coming and going should there be a robbery or security concern.

Offer Your Employees Ways To Report Theft

The majority of your employees are honest and trustworthy and are just as concerned about shrinkage and employee theft as you are. But some might not feel comfortable reporting internal theft for fear of reprisals. Create an anonymous system that allows employees to submit their concerns about other employee activity.

Partner With A Security Company

A security company can be a great asset in helping our dispensary grow and achieve financial success. However, don’t hire just any company. Look for security companies who have a background in medical marijuana protection. They’ll be aware of the nuances and compliance concerns of the industry and will be aware of the unique security threats your dispensary faces. This means less time bringing your security guards up to speed and more time protecting your products, employees, and customers.

Focus On Protecting Your High-Value Assets

For many, they might think that their most valuable assets would be the cannabis plants themselves. In reality, it’s likely the finished products you have on-site. These are easier to steal. Focus your security efforts on these assets, but don’t skimp on your plants either.

Trenton’s Choice For Medical Marijuana Security

Whether you grow, sell, or transport medical marijuana, Tactical Response Security can make your work safer and more efficient. Contact our security experts to see how our unarmed security teams can help your business grow.

How Your Bodyguard Thinks

Perhaps thanks to Hollywood and TV, we have a distinct vision of a bodyguard in our minds. They’re broad-shouldered, stoned face with chiseled brows, and perpetually brooding about your safety. While there is a certain element of truth behind this, the reality is that your personal bodyguard looks that way because they’re constantly paying attention to the environment around them.

At Tactical Response Security, our executive protection personnel are highly trained to evaluate any situation you’re in. To help maintain your safety, we thought we’d outline some of the things your security personnel are thinking about from day-to-day.

Location, Location, Location

No two places are alike. Whether you’re traveling from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, or even within Philadelphia itself, you’re experiencing different challenges and risks when you move between and within locations. Bodyguards are constantly assessing an area for threats while they’re with you. In advanced of trips, they’re researching the area you’re traveling to, predicting what issues may arise, and what resources they can leverage to mitigate or neutralize those threats.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Depending on where you’re traveling, the infrastructure of that place might be better or worse than where you’re coming from. That can impact how you travel and how quickly you travel. The logistics of travel are a large part of a bodyguard’s job. For instance, if you’re traveling to a city that relies heavily on trains and rails to get around, your bodyguard has to think about elements like travel times and schedules. Similarly, if you’re traveling to an area with decaying infrastructure and buildings, they might need to coordinate additional security measures to keep you safe.

Insider Knowledge

Before you even step foot in a new building or city, it’s likely that your bodyguard has already coordinated with peers in the security industry who have knowledge of that place. This insider knowledge informs the security measures they take to keep you safe. It may also connect them with resources that make their work easier and your time traveling or in meetings more enjoyable.

Developing a Backup Plan

It’s said that “even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” This is true in our work and personal lives, and also in the work of your bodyguard. Their planning may not have accounted for an unexpected change in flight times, weather patterns, or even local socio-political climates. As such, bodyguards are adept at creating backup plans at the drop of a hat. Doing so ensures your safety even in situations where the level of risk is high.

Scale of Response

Not every situation calls for your bodyguard to be armed. In fact, in some instances, unarmed security may be more suitable for your needs. Your bodyguard makes decisions about whether they should carry a weapon with them while they travel with you or not. They need to consider if it will help or hinder their efforts in keeping you safe.

As it’s plain to see, the mind of a personal bodyguard is a complicated one and is highly responsive. If you’re in need of skilled and professional executive protection personnel for yourself or your business, it’s time to connect with the security specialists at Tactical Response Security.

We offer security services to the entire East Coast, including Philadelphia, Trenton, and more. Contact us today.

Why You Should Hire Unarmed Security

Tactical Response Security

When it comes to private security services, many naturally assume that the officer stationed in the lobby of their business will have a gun on one side and a baton on the other. For many, the word “security” is intertwined with the image of firearms. But in some cases, an armed security guard may not be the right fit. Instead, an unarmed security guard may be more than adequate. Join Tactical Response Security as we explore the benefits of hiring unarmed security for your business in Philadelphia.


Expenses are at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. So when it comes to hiring security, owners have to make the delicate balance between price and quality. Armed security guards have undergone additional training in order to be certified to carry a firearm. This extra training translates to added expenses. It also means that the business owner may need to pay higher insurance costs. There is a potential risk of the armed guard accidentally harming an innocent bystander. This makes armed security a financial hardship for some.

Where your business is located may also determine just what kind of security you need. For instance, if you live in a rough and tumble part of Philadelphia, it might make sense to have armed security on site. However, if you run a small storefront in a popular downtown district, an unarmed guard might better suit your needs. That’s because unarmed guards are ready to handle most emergency situations and do not require a firearm to do so. Unarmed officers are capable of making arrests, and are trained in conflict resolution to quickly de-escalate a high-tension situation. Of course, should a situation get out of hand, an unarmed officer can quickly coordinate a more effective response from emergency services like the police. Finally, the presence of an armed guard may escalate the threat posed to your business. A firearm in your building may draw a more lethal threat from would-be criminals, who feel they have to use more than simple smash-and-grab tactics.

For many, just having a security guard on site is enough to promote a sense of safety and security in your business. It’s a small luxury that helps to put you, your customers, and of course, your employees, at ease while they work there. Indeed, some may even feel more relaxed knowing that the guard is not armed. Firearms can leave some people feeling uncomfortable and worried that the place they’re in is in some kind of danger. An unarmed security guard offers that sense of security you want, without leaving others feeling on edge or suspicious.

Tactical Response Security offers unarmed security guards that have been trained in advanced observation and report skills, as well as the necessary training needed to keep your business in Philadelphia safe. Our unarmed officers can be seamlessly integrated into your existing security protocol or can be employed as part of a brand new security regimen that we provide you. Contact our security specialists today to find out more.

Personal Safety Tips

When it comes to private security in Philadelphia, there’s no one better to serve you than Tactical Response Security. We work with the most capable security guards in the country to keep you, your business, and your property safe. But unless you are utilizing our executive protection services, you won’t have a security guard with you at all times. In the moments where you’re traveling or working without our support, it’s best to know how to keep yourself safe. In today’s blog, we’ll offer some personal safety tips.

Orient Yourself

When traveling to new cities or even to new parts of your own city, it’s advisable to take a moment to orient yourself to your surroundings. In every new environment, make sure to identify:

  • Entryways and exits
  • Events that are occuring
  • Distinctive objects
  • People
  • The type of space you’re in

This might sound like a lot to take in, but you’re probably doing this naturally. Just by being more aware of these factors you’re improving your situational awareness and your safety.

Practice Constant Vigilance

Now that you’re oriented to your surroundings, it’s time to start observing them more carefully. You can do this by slowly looking across the room from time to time. As your gaze moves across the room, looking for changing dynamics. For instance, look for individuals or groups who are acting out of the ordinary or erratically. Often, you’ll recognize these individuals fairly quickly. They’ll look or seem “off” somehow. You can also measure their reaction to the overall feeling of the space. For instance, if you’re in a quiet restaurant and one person in a group seems to be making a lot of noise and fuss, they might have less than honest intentions in being there.

Consider the Situation

Your environment is always changing based on a wide variety of factors, and your evaluation of the situation has to change with it. Your perceived level of safety is impacted by things like:

  • Familiarity with the space
  • Familiarity with the people there
  • Your ability to level the situation

For instance, if you’re in a restaurant that you frequent and the staff is the same one you always see, you’ll likely feel very safe there and can readily identify anything that might be a threat. But if you’re at a party in a new building in a different part of town, it can be difficult to discern what is a threat to your safety. You might consider the situation more threatening in this situation.

Trust Your Instincts

It’s important to trust your instincts throughout your day-to-day life. While it’s possible that you’ve misjudged a situation, it’s never a bad thing for you to leave an area or event in which you feel uncomfortable. Your body may be subconsciously telling that something is wrong.

No matter where you go, keeping yourself safe should be priority number one. If you’re in need of private security services or executive protection in Philadelphia, connect with Tactical Response Security today. We can create a custom security protocol that keeps you safe.

Why You Need An Executive Protection Strategy

Businesses in Jersey City are always looking for ways to improve, expand, and outperform their competitors. But one thing many of them are not doing is considering the security of their high-profile employees. CEOs, owners, presidents, and more may be subject to risks that the average employee is not. That’s why it’s important for every business to develop an executive protection strategy.

Executive Protection Ensures The Safety Of Your Most Valuable Employees

Your C-suite employees are some of the most important in the entire company. They often shape the vision and mission of your business, and their work is invaluable. Because of this, your prominent leaders are persons of interest to criminals, kidnappers, and others. While it’s important to keep all of your employees safe, these individuals are a great risk of harm or threat. The value of your business can rise or fall based on the status of your high-level employees. Protecting them ensures that business can continue as usual.

Improved Security Means Higher Productivity Levels

Your CEOs and COOs have support staff for a reason. The decisions they make can influence the direction of your entire company. It’s why they have people booking flights and taking notes for them. Executive protection removes another layer of distraction and complexity from their workday, allowing them to concentrate on the work that benefits your business the most. By securely moving a high-value individual from point to point, your executive protection team frees up work time and reduces potential threats and hazards at the same time.

Executive Protection Integrates Easily Into Your Workplace

It’s likely that your business already has some level of executive protection built into it, whether literally or figuratively. High profile employees may have their own offices and parking spaces that are closer to the building. These things insulate them from minor hazards and remove them from other potential issues. But a dedicated executive protection team can work within your security strategies and enhance them. The right executive protection team even ingratiates themselves into your workplace, making themselves part of the larger company culture. They’ll ensure that your CEOs and COOs can continue to lead from the front of the company, and even create new opportunities for them to interact with other employees and potential business partners.

Executive Protection Offers You A Competitive Edge

When viewed as a whole, the work that an executive protection team carries out offers your business a competitive edge. With high-value employees allowed to travel more freely, and securely, they can meet with more partners, strike more deals, and get more business done. With the concerns of security no longer an issue, executives will have more time to devote to their work, which translates to greater business growth. If nothing else, with many of the complications of being an executive removed, your high-level employees will simply feel happier and more comfortable at work, translating to improve workplace morale.

We Provide Executive Protection In Jersey City And Beyond

If you’re looking to revamp your existing security measures or to add a new layer of safety to the work of your executives, Tactical Response Security offers the executive protection services you need. With backgrounds in military service and law enforcement work, our executive protection personnel integrate into your security protocol, enhancing them as they work. Call us today to discuss our services with one of our security specialists.

Improving Construction Site Security

Seems like no matter where you go in Newark, you’ll find a building go up or a new construction project. All of these sites hold the promise of a new addition to the community and the local economy. They are also a prime target for theft and disruption. Keeping your construction site safe is part of ensuring the success of your project. Follow these strategies to keep your site safe from criminal elements. Tactical Response Security is proud to offer top-tier construction security services to site managers and engineers in Newark.

Improve Workplace Awareness

While it’s easy to think that most construction workers are simply focused on the task at hand, they have a great sense of what belongs at the site and what doesn’t. Encourage all of your employees to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, individuals who don’t seem to belong there, or just odd occurrences. Create a system for them to report all of these aspects, and you’ll have a team that is keeping an eye on your site around the clock.

Clearly Mark All Of Your Materials And Equipment

Theft from construction sites is all too common these days. Marking all of your equipment and materials with your company logo, or even a unique color combination, can help to reduce the chance of them walking away. Criminals know that it’s hard to sell or pawn something if it’s been marked as someone else’s property in some way. They may also be unwilling to invest the time to remove or mask the markings. For major investment pieces, you may even put a unique marking in a hard-to-see space, so if it does go missing, you can include the location of the mark in your police report.

Establish A Security Perimeter

Many construction sites put up fences as a way to keep passersby out of the work site, but it can also be an effective part of your security measures. Creating limited entryways and exits allows you to keep track of the comings and goings of your workers and any visitors. Limit who has access to the locks to your perimeter fencing, and make sure to vet them with background checks before providing them a key.

Make Use Of Security Lighting

Sometimes the most effective security measures are the simplest. Good lighting can keep thieves away from your work site. Take the time to put up good illumination along the perimeter of your work site. Additionally, set up good lighting around your storage areas, the location of valuable machinery and materials, and even the employee parking lot.


Make Use Of Unarmed Security Services

While asking your employees to keep a vigilant eye out for suspicious activity goes a long way, employing unarmed officers to monitor your worksite throughout the day adds an effective layer of security to your site. They can check the IDs of those trying to enter the site, patrol the perimeter, and respond to any reports of suspect behavior.

If you’re in need of security services at your Newark worksite, contact Tactical Response Security immediately. After a security consultation, we can create a security protocol that works best for you and your construction site.

How To Improve Your Building Security

For business owners in Newark, there’s always a lingering sense of doubt, “is my business well protected?” While many owners might allay their fears by brushing off the question with an “of course,” others might use the question as an opportunity to really exam their security, and make changes. As a leading provider of business protection security services in Newark, Tactical Response Security has assembled this guide on improving the security of your building.

Control Your Entries And Exits

For smaller buildings, this may be a natural part of your operations. If there are only two or three ways for individuals to get into and out of the building, you can keep better track of who’s coming and going. For larger businesses, you need to control who can open and close these doors, and when. You might designate one door as an employee entrance, and only give keys or access cards to trusted managers. If you need to have multiple employee entrances, make sure you have some sort of feature for these doors that lock behind everyone.

Maintain A Visitor Log

This isn’t practical for all businesses, especially those who are in retail. But for specialized businesses or firms, keeping a guest log allows you to keep a record of anyone who comes and goes from the building. It can be as simple as a paper check in at the front desk, or a more advanced computer system. These logs can assist police if a visitor commits a crime in your business.

Consider Where You Display Your Expensive Items

For retailers, you should be strategic in where you display your new, or expensive items. For instance, putting the latest flat screens up front in your window display cases is a tempting and easy target for thieves. Placing your high-value items out of the line of sight from the windows of your business makes the building less of a target for criminals.

Have Gated Parking

Like controlled entryways, gated parking limits who can enter your building. It ensures that only authorized employees or visitors can access your building. It cuts back on ambient foot traffic, which prevents criminal elements from being able to case your business, looking for entry points, or weak spots in your security systems.

Hire An Unarmed Security Team

Unarmed security is an excellent way to enhance the security of your building. Trained in patrol, observation, and emergency response tactics, unarmed security officers can often predict and prevent a crime before it can affect your business. They can constantly improve the security of your building, and manage all of these items mentioned above.

Business Protection Security Services In Newark

Keeping your business safe and secure is a priority for any business owner in Newark. You can take the stress of your security needs by working with Tactical Response Security. With decades of experience and a complement of well trained and professional unarmed and armed officers, we’re ready to help you elevate your business’s security. Call us today to arrange for your security consultation with one of our specialists.

Does Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary Need Security?

With more and more states allowing for the use of medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana, cannabis is becoming an increasingly more profitable plant. Of course, like every industry, any time there is money to be made legally, there are those looking to gain it through illicit means. The remarkable growth that many dispensaries are experiencing makes them an obvious target for petty crime, and more serious security threats. As a leading provider of unarmed security services in Trenton and beyond, Tactical Response Security has worked with several dispensaries. Below are some reasons why your cannabis company might need security.    

Ensuring That Quality People Are Working With Your Product

Conducting thorough background checks on all of a dispensary’s employees is certain to weed out many unsavory candidates who might be tempted to steal your products and distribute them illegally. Working with a private security service, or a private investigator means that you can collect detailed background checks, and make accurate assessments into the integrity of your current or potential employees.

Prevent Employee Theft

However, a background check cannot account for those who may decide to behave irresponsibly once they’ve found employment. A recent report found that one of the greatest challenges dispensaries face is employee theft. Nearly 90 percent of reported losses are from employee theft in the cannabis industry. This is an unsustainable level for a business. The presence of an unarmed security officer will dissuade employees from stealing cash, cannabis, and other medical marijuana products from your dispensary.

Discourage Property Crimes

Many medical marijuana dispensaries use a cash-based transaction system, meaning that there can be potentially thousands of dollars on site at any given moment. This makes dispensaries or particular interest to criminals looking to burglarize these establishments. More than just cash, however, criminals are likely to also still cannabis, either for their own consumption or to sell it illegally at a profit. In both situations, the victim is the dispensary, who loses valuable resources that impact the welfare of their business. Keeping even an unarmed guard on the premises can ward away those who would steal from your establishment. If your dispensary is located in a problem neighborhood, you may even upgrade your security personnel to armed security so that they can adequately react to a violent robbery attempt.

The High Stakes Of Transporting Your Product

Armored trucks have been used for decades to move stacks of greenbacks, but now they’re being used to transport other forms of greenery. Transporting your cannabis, as well as your cash assets, should be of critical concern for your dispensary. Experiencing a transport truck robbery can result in thousands of dollars in lost money and inventory.

Maintain Your Security With Tactical Response Security

Given that the entirety of the United States has yet to legalize marijuana, ensuring that your product stays within legal states is of the utmost priority. It not only ensures the long-term success of your business, but it also ensures the welfare of the entire cannabis industry, as it is seen as safe and legitimate by critics. If you’re looking to enhance the security of your dispensary, contact us today. Our armed and unarmed security officers are trained to work in dispensaries, protect grows, and even assist in transportation. We serve cities across New Jersey including Trenton, as well as the rest of the nation. Connect with Tactical Response Security now.

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