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Ways To Make Living In The City Safer — A Guide From Your Trusted Philadelphia Security Company

Hello, and welcome back to the Tactical Response Security blog! As one of the leading security companies in Philadelphia, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with insightful information that will provide them security in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is an amazing city, and we’re proud to provide security services to its residents. That being said, in addition to the stellar security services we offer, there are some measures you can use to increase your overall safety while living in the city. In today’s blog, we’ll be diving into that topic. Keep reading to learn some tips as to how you can stay safe when you live in Philadelphia.

Staying Safe In Your Neighborhood

Whether you’re new to Philly or you’ve been here some time, it’s vital that you understand the area you live in. There are so many great ways to do this, but let’s look at a few in-depth.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

For starters, get to know your neighbors. Sure, you may not develop relationships with all of your neighbors, but if you can get to know any of them, it will be in your best interest. For one, you’ll develop some great connections in your neighborhood. Truthfully, if you’re not doing this, you’re missing out in general! The community found in each and every Philadelphia neighborhood is a beautiful thing that you should embrace and enjoy! However, in terms of safety, by having connections in your neighborhood, you’ll have people who are looking out for you. They’ll know your name, where you live, and who you live with (if you live with anyone at all). This means that if a suspicious character is moseying around your home or apartment, a neighbor will likely notice and make sure there isn’t an issue. Another situation where knowing your neighbors can be incredibly beneficial is when you’re getting unwanted or troubling attention from a stranger. For instance, if you’re walking home and someone is following or harassing you, a neighbor you have a relationship will likely step in and make sure you’re okay. Essentially, by developing relationships with your neighbors, you’ll be creating a support network in every sense. Get Intimate With Your Neighborhood’s Layout Next up, get to know your city streets. Think about the places you’re going to be going the most — your job, your preferred grocery stores, and your public transportation stops to name a few. Understand the different routes you can take to get to those destinations, and spend some time choosing the best routes. Consider if the route will be well-lit during the evening or night, what areas your route passes through, and how isolated you will be when traveling certain routes. From here, make a decision based on which route(s) will be the safest. And remember, if you’re uncomfortable walking at any point, consider calling a ride-share program like Uber, Lyft, or a local taxi company. Just be sure to confirm that the right driver is picking you up when they arrive. Next, you want to be sure that you understand some areas that you can go to in the event you’re feeling unsafe on the street. Well-lit, public places are where you should head, as there will be people around. In the event that you’re being followed, chances are they’ll leave you alone once you’re surrounded by other people. Finally, always be on alert. This isn’t to say that you should always be paranoid, but just be vigilant. This is all information you’ve heard before, but never sit a drink down unattended, keep tabs on your belongings if a stranger randomly engages you, and just be wary of suspicious behavior.

Staying Safe In Your Home

Now that we know some basics about staying safe in your neighborhood, let’s talk about staying safe in your home. Obviously, we always want to stay and feel safe, but that’s especially true when it comes to our homes. Feeling secure in your home is essential to getting rest and having peace of mind.

Secure Entrances

Chances are, no one’s going to break into your home through a wall. If your home gets broken into, it’s going to be through a door or window. Because of this, you want to ensure that any potential point of entry is well secured. For starters, make sure you have reliable locks on your doors and windows. Deadbolts are great, affordable, and come in a variety of intensities. You can invest in a deadbolt that is reliable and gives you peace of mind. Additionally, make sure you have a sturdy front door. The last thing you want is a hollow door that could literally be kicked or punched through. We recommend a hardwood door or a steel door. If you want to take an extra step, you can find some unique and effective door and window security gadgets! The other aspect of securing your entrances is to invest in a security system. When the system is set, it will be sounded if a door or window opens before it’s disarmed. In 2020, there are a litany of home security system providers, so we recommend making your decision based on your needs and budget.

Electric Timers Are Your Friend

It’s no secret that the easiest targets are what get chosen by burglars. So what makes an easy target? First off, if no one is home. But also, if your home is clearly unsecure, you could become a target for burglary. To touch back on our last point, if you have a security system in place, a simple sign saying so in your window could be enough to deter a burglar. Moving on to this next point, by using lights when you’re not home, that could also be enough to deter a potential home invader. However, if you were to just leave your lights on all-day, every day you’d run up your electric bill really fast! So instead, invest in electronic timers. You can set these up on lamps or even your TV so they’ll turn on at a specific time. If you’re out of your home each evening, put some lights on a timer! This will give the impression that you’re home, even when you’re not. Staying Safe When You Don’t Feel Safe While we wish this wasn’t the reality, there are times when we don’t feel safe. Sure, sometimes it might be all in our heads, but other times there is a real threat that you’ve been exposed to. It can come in the form of an ex-spouse, stalker, the opposition of a high-profile dispute you’re a part of, and much more. In these situations, don’t leave your safety in your own hands, hire the professionals. At Tactical Response Security, we provide executive protection services to Philadelphia. While this sounds fancy, think of it as a personal bodyguard who’s wholly dedicated to the safety of you and your circle. Our executive protection services in Philadelphia utilize security experts who know how to secure a location, survey for any suspicious or threatening individuals, and more. So if you’re feeling unsafe in your home or just in general, consider utilizing executive protection services from Philadelphia’s best security company.

actical Response Security — The Best Of All The Philadelphia Security Companies

Thank you for reading our blog! Hopefully, this blog has helped you to gain an understanding of how you can increase your overall security while you live in the amazing city of Philadelphia. The goal of this blog was not to scare you in regard to the dangers of living in a big city, but rather to enlighten you on some basic steps you can take to be more intentional about staying safe. If you have any questions about the content we’ve talked about today, our executive protection services, or our other security services in Philadelphia, please contact us today!

Does Your Small Business Need A Security Guard?

As a small business owner, you’ve already got more than enough to think about all day. Employee rosters, shipping manifests, customer requests and so much more clutter your thoughts and your desk. Hiring security for your business in Philadelphia might be the last thing on your mind, but when things start to go missing, or you find your employees are getting accosted after work, it might move higher up the priority list.

Still debating whether you need a security guard? Here are the common challenges small businesses face that could be lessened by the presence of a security guard.

Your Business Is In A High Crime Area

Depending on your location in Philadelphia, your business might be at greater risk than in other areas. Because of lighting, police presence, as well as the neighboring businesses, your own business might be the target of break-ins and robberies, or worse.

You’re Suffering From Theft and Shrinkage

If you run a storefront, your products are the lifeblood of your business. But if you’re finding more and more product disappearing off the shelves, it’s time to reassess if you need someone keeping an eye on things. Theft is the result of customers or petty criminals taking your product. Shrinkage is when your own employees take from your business.

You’re Facing Parking Lot Issues

In some cases, your parking lot may be preventing your customers or your employees from getting through the doors of your business. Your customers and employees might be approached by threatening individuals who demand their money, time, or safety. The security of your parking lot translates to the financial security of your small business.

Your Business Serves Alcohol

If you own a restaurant, bar, brewery, or club, you already know what too much alcohol can do to someone. But if your staff doesn’t feel comfortable confronting someone who’s had too much to drink, what are you supposed to do? Left unchecked, an intoxicated individual can create property damage and scare away potential customers.

Your Business Doesn’t Have a Great Safety Record

If you’re frequently the target of break-ins or robberies, news of this will spread around. You’ll find that once regular customers will choose to visit other businesses instead. You might have a hard time hiring new employees as old ones leave. How others perceive the safety and security of your business can directly affect your bottom line.

Your Concerned About Your Own Safety

It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, but if you constantly feel under threat of harm or robbery while you’re at work, that’s probably the best sign that it’s time to hire a security guard for your Philadelphia business.

We’re A Leading Security Company In Philadelphia

At Tactical Response Security, we take your safety seriously. We only hire the most promising of security guard candidates, ensuring that our security specialists are among the best in their field. Contact us today to speak with a security consultant to begin developing a custom security protocol for your small business in Philadelphia.

The Advantages Of Having A Bodyguard

When it comes to private security, there are few more effective measures that working with a bodyguard. It’s one of the reasons that high-profile celebrities and politicians alike often have a team of personal guards working with them at all times.

Tactical Response Security offers executive protection services to individuals in Philadelphia and beyond. Here are some of the advantages of working with our team of personal bodyguards.

Bodyguards are Versatile

Often thought of as only able to stop a bullet if needed, bodyguards are more than just human shields. Indeed, they can also be dispatched to carry out certain special tasks. It can be as simple as a quick errand, but they can also coordinate with local security groups as you travel. Your personal bodyguard acts as your connection to wider safety networks.

Bodyguards can also assist those who have special needs or struggle to fulfill certain tasks. It can be something as simple as getting in and out of vehicles, moving through buildings or up and down stairs, or might have a mental condition that requires close monitoring.

Bodyguards are Security Specialists

With extensive training, bodyguards can asses the features and characteristics of a room or area that can affect how secure a space really is. With this information in mind, they’ll change your travel plans or their approach to address these concerns. As security specialists, they’re constantly changing their strategies to keep you safe, no matter the conditions.

Bodyguards are Capable of More Than Just Security

At Tactical Response Security, many of our executive protection personnel are former military or law enforcement. This means that they have worked in diverse situations and with a wide variety of people. Their experience not only informs their work but also their outlook on life. Your personal bodyguard may serve as a sort of advisor or counselor for some of your day-to-day tasks.

Bodyguards are Trained to Recognize Non-Verbal Cues

When you’re interacting with others in a crowd of people, your bodyguard is constantly monitoring the conversation, as well as the patterns and behaviors of those around you. With careful practice, bodyguard’s have learned to recognize the non-verbal cues that signal that someone may have the intent to harm you or others near you. This training allows them to dynamically respond to a situation before it even occurs.

Bodyguards Have a Variety of Emergency Response Skills

More than just being an armed security guard, bodyguards, and our executive protection personnel, in particular, are expected to have a high level of training in related skills. This includes first aid and first responder skills, orienteering, defensive driving strategies, and even speaking multiple languages. The result is that your personal bodyguard has the skills and techniques necessary to safely escort you away from any high-stakes situation.

Bodyguards Are the Ultimate Form of Safety Preparedness

At the end of the day, all the advantages of hiring a bodyguard combine to offer you the ultimate level of safety preparedness. From your moment-to-moment safety to your overall access to specialized, expert assistance for both minor and major emergencies, bodyguards are the best way to ensure your safety and security.


Are you in need of a highly trained and skilled team of security personnel? Tactical Response Security offers executive protection services to businesses and individuals in Philadelphia and beyond.

Contact our security specialists today to discuss how we can elevate your security protocols.

What Makes A Great Security Guard

When it comes to keeping your workplace safe, you’re in no better hands than those of a trained and capable security guard. But not all guards are trained equally, and some are more talented than others. It’s easy to work with a team of great security guards when you partner with Tactical Response Security, as we only train the most promising of candidates to work with us. So what makes a great security guard? Here are the traits and values we keep in mind while training our candidates before they’re allowed to work with your business in Philadelphia.

Situational Awareness

The best security guards are the ones who are keeping track of the environment around them, even as it’s changing. This means that a security guard has to have a remarkable sense of focus. They cannot let their thoughts wander as they have dozens of different tasks and protocols to keep in mind as they work. Security guards with an acute sense of situational awareness can even help to prevent issues, like theft and threat of violence before they even occur.

Physically Fit

The classic movie trope of the heavy-set security guard may help to move a comedic narrative along, but it does nothing for the security of your business, and the safety of your customers and employees. Leading security guards prioritize physical fitness as their job can be physically demanding. When pursuing criminals, or assisting in emergency situations, the physical fitness of every security guard is tested. Moreover, good physical fitness also helps with mental clarity, allowing them to be more situationally aware. Finally, a physically fit security guard simply looks more capable and professional. This appearance puts your employees and staff at ease and makes potential threats think twice before committing a criminal act.

Excellent Customer Service Skills

While our security guards may get their paychecks from us, ultimately, they work for you. That means that they have to integrate themselves into your workplaces culture, standards, and community. Part of that integration means having excellent customer service skills. They can help your customers connect with the right services or with other individuals who can help them. A good security guard should help to promote a sense of safety and welcoming.

Effective Communication And Analysis Skills

Capable security guards are ones who communicate with their employers, other security personnel, and with your customers. They take the time to carefully analyze your workplace for any opportunities to improve your security measures. These skills translate into a safer work environment.

They Are Honest

At the end of the day, great security guards are honest. This means that they’re clear about their work and how they’re helping your business. But it also means that they take pride in their work, and genuinely want to serve you and your needs. Honest security guards protect your business from threats and do not put your business at risk through faulty practices, or less-than-ideal reporting.

For armed security services in Philadelphia, look no further than Tactical Response Security. We can help businesses of all sizes and all industries. Connect with our security specialists today for a consultation and to start partnering with us.

Improving Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s Security

Marijuana, to say the least, is a growing field. In late 2017, Forbes estimated that the marijuana industry is valued at nearly $31.4 billion. With more states in the United States legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, more people have access to cannabis than ever before. As with any growing industry, there are also growing threats. Medical marijuana dispensaries are the targets of crime, internally, and externally. This means that it’s more important than ever to keep your business safe. Having worked with many dispensaries, Tactical Response Security has insights into keeping your dispensary in Trenton secure.

Improve Your Customer Service

This may not be obvious, but developing a positive relationship with your customers can also keep your business safe. Welcoming each customer with a smile and offering them a quality shopping experience ensures that they view your business favorably. This also shows that you are paying attention to who is shopping at your dispensary. This can help to deter criminals who try to case your business, looking for ways to break in, and what to steal. Good customer service then deters criminal elements while also earning your business a loyal customer base.

Conduct Rigorous Inventory Management

Reports suggest that 90 percent of losses incurred by cannabis businesses are from internal theft. Employees steal products for their personal use. This can be avoided by being very careful with your product and keeping detailed inventory records. Managing your inventory effectively using specialized programs and systems ensures that nothing goes amiss. You might limit access to storage areas, or even conduct additional background checks on employees who transport and handle your cannabis products that are not behind the counter.

Install Video Surveillance Systems

The proliferation of high-definition and compact cameras in the last few years means that installing a video surveillance system is now affordable and easy. In many cases, these camera systems can live stream and record video through the internet, meaning that you can check in on your dispensary even if you’re working from the next city over. Having video footage of any suspicious activity or any robberies assists police in their investigation. In many cases, however, the camera itself serves as a deterrent, as criminals will know that their actions are being monitored.

Hire Security Personnel

While the marijuana industry is becoming increasingly more legitimate, some dispensaries may struggle to find locations for their businesses in nicer, less crime-prone areas. This means that due to location and vocation, dispensaries are at a higher risk of crime than other businesses. While the measures listed above go a long way in keeping your business secure, nothing compares to hiring a professional security service. The presence of either unarmed or armed security officers can ensure that criminals do not attempt to rob your store. By working with a security service, their specialists can provide you with other ideas and measures that keep your business safe by looking at your entire operation.

Tactical Response Security only trains the most promising of candidates to become our security officers. If you’re looking to hire armed security for your medical marijuana dispensary in Trenton, you can trust us to provide an unrivaled level of service and professionalism. Call us today to schedule a security consultation.

Contract V.S. In-House Armed Services


There is a shift in how businesses are structuring their companies and their spending. While, for many years, companies would have in-house departments and services for nearly everything they needed, in recent years, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource these services. This includes armed security and other protective services. Today, many businesses in the Philadelphia area are making similar decisions as to whether they should host their own in-house security service, or hire from an outside security contractor. As Philadelphia’s leading armed security provider, Tactical Response Security will outline the differences between these two options.


This is typically the first thing that businesses consider when discussing whether to hire a security team in-house or contract them. Generally, companies have found that the costs are equal, but what is gained for those expenses are radically different. While wages for both armed security officers may be the same, companies that choose to hire in-house security have to pay for their insurance, their time-off, uniforms, equipment, and more. Conversely, these issues are covered by the contracted security service, ensuring that your company gets more for the same amount of money.


Training is one of the critical components in this decision. Because they carry a firearm, armed security officers need to have additional, specialized training than their unarmed counterparts. For businesses looking to develop an in-house security program, they will need to partner with outside firms to train their potential officers. Adding training comes at an additional cost that has to be budgeted for. Contracted security services, like Tactical Response Security, have training expectations and programs that ensure that their officers are prepared to handle a variety of situations and emergencies the moment they set foot on your property. The quality of their training is often higher than in-house armed security officers.

Managing Your Security Team

For many businesses, there is a sense that in-house armed security teams are more directly tied to the success and safety of the organization, and that contracted security is harder to control and manage. In many cases, businesses have found that the opposite is true. Because the contracted team is better trained and more focused on one singular aspect of the business, it’s safety, they are easier to manage. Business managers spend less time dealing with the security team, and more time focusing on the aspects of their business that matter most to its success.


Choose Us For Armed Security In Philadelphia

By now, it should be clear that contracting with an armed security agency in Philadelphia, like Tactical Response Security, ensures that your business is kept safe thanks to a higher degree of training, a better value for the money, and for its hands-off management style. If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security measures to your business, contact Tactical Response Security today. After a security survey, we can develop an armed security protocol that meets the unique needs of your business.

When Your Business Should Consider Hiring Armed Security


As a business owner in Philadelphia, you have a lot to consider on a day-to-day basis. There are financial decisions to make, marketing campaigns to launch, employees to manage, and more. Adding to that already long list is the decision to hire armed security services for your business. It’s not a decision that should be made blithely, as you’ll want to ensure that an armed security service is the best way to protect your assets in Philadelphia. Tactical Response Security will explore some situations and ideas that might encourage you to hire armed security.

If You Work In A High Crime Area

Philadelphia may be the city of brotherly love, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a safe place to call home. Some parts of the city are more prone to violent and property crime than others. This means that you and your employees are at greater risk of theft, assault, and other crimes. The presence of armed guards, in most situations, is enough to deter would-be criminals from attacking your employees or your business. In situations where the threat level has escalated, an armed guard can respond appropriately and effectively.

If Your Employees Feel Unsafe

While this may be difficult to measure, it’s likely affecting your business in more ways than you realize. If employees do not feel safe at work, it’s likely impacting their productivity and customer service. In some cases, you may already have unarmed security guards, but your employees still feel unsafe. In these cases, there is an issue that isn’t being addressed at your business. The addition of armed security to your business can help your employees feel safer. In some cases, some employees may feel uncomfortable with the presence of firearms on your work site. In these cases, it’s best to host a meeting that explains the reasoning behind the addition of armed security to your employees, and have members of the armed security team introduce themselves.

When Nearby Businesses Use Armed Security

If, in speaking with other businesses in your area, you discover that many of them use an armed security service, listen to their reasoning. In most circumstances, you’ll find that you share their concerns. Similarly, listen to their results. If they found that their concerns were addressed with the addition of armed security, then it’s likely that your issues can be resolved as well. Additionally, if you are known as the only business in the area without an armed security service, you may be the victim of increased crime, as criminals know that there is less risk at your business.


Choose Us For Armed Security In Philadelphia

If you’re considering hiring an armed security service for your business in Philadelphia, then look no further than the specialists at Tactical Response Security. We are a full-service armed security company in that serves Philadelphia, as well as states across the East Coast and the country. We craft a security protocol that meets the unique needs of your business, keeping you, your employees, and your assets from any number of threats. Our officers undergo a rigorous training system before they are allowed to partner with your business. Connect with us today and keep your business secure.

What To Look For In An Armed Security Service

When you start searching for a security service to work with, you likely start with a Google search for “armed security Trenton” or something similar. While this may yield page after page of results, you’re then faced with the challenge of filtering out all of the sub-par security services and finding the elite ones. So what should you look for in an armed security service in Trenton? Read on to find out more.


This should be the first thing you ask about when meeting with security services. It’s all too common to find a private security company that simply hires brawny guys, and briefly trains them on how to use handcuffs and pepper spray and then calls themselves a security service. The fact is, private security is a complicated and nuanced field, one that requires an incredible amount of training. At Tactical Response Security, we understand that the success of our officers starts with their training. That’s why we only accept the most qualified potential candidates into our training academy. We train all of our security officers in a variety of skills and strategies, as well as educating them on pertinent laws at the Federal, State, and local levels. For armed security personnel in particular, you’ll want to inquire as to their firearms training. Bringing a weapon of any kind into a situation instantly elevates the stakes, and relying on undertrained armed security who lack familiarity with their weapon may result in unexpected and tragic consequences.


While training prepares officers for most of the common challenges they’ll experience from day-to-day, nothing replaces real-world experience when assessing the quality of a private security company. Ask about the company how long they’ve been in the industry, and how much experience their lead staff has in security. Additionally, you’ll also want to find a company that has worked with a company or industry like yours before. Finally, you’ll want to discuss their experience in handling contracts and accounts, and ensure that they have a proven system.

Their Standards For Their Officers

You can ask to review a Standard Operating Procedures manual from your potential armed security service. Look for the standards that they hold their officers too. Look into their dress code and expectations of their appearance and interactions with their clients. A high-quality security service will demand much of their officers, and expect them to follow the security protocols that are tailored to a specific individual, business, or site. These standards should also outline how and when a security officer needs to retrain on some skills, or what skills they should continue to develop with additional training.

This list of things to consider is far from exhaustive, but using just these three elements will allow you to quickly narrow down your choices of an armed security service in Trenton. If you’re in need of armed security officers for your business or home in Trenton, contact the security specialists at Tactical Response Security. Our security specialists can develop a security protocol that is specifically designed for your situation. Contact us today to schedule your consultations.

Welcome To The Tactical Response Security Blog

Thank you for joining us on the Tactical Response Security blog. As one of the leading private security guard companies on the East Coast and across the nation, we’re proud to offer our clients security solutions that are tailored to their unique circumstances and needs. For our first blog post, we’ll cover the purpose of the blog page, and some of our services.

The Tactical Response Security Blog

On the Tactical Response Security blog page, you’ll find a variety of resources, articles, and posts about our services, our role in the day-to-day activities of your business or personal life, and insights into how you can improve your own personal security even when one of our armed or unarmed security officers is not present. We hope that you’ll use the Tactical Response Security blog as a resource that helps inform your security and protection decisions.

Our Security Services

The experienced security teams at Tactical Response Security are ready and willing to take on any of your security needs and concerns. We employ only the finest of security guards and protection personnel thanks to our rigorous training system and selection process. The result is a team of security guards and specialists that can effortlessly integrate into your existing security protocols, or completely redesign them to meet any present threats.

Armed And Unarmed Security

We offer security services that are appropriate to your perceived threat level. For businesses in low-risk areas, or for events and performances, you can rely on our unarmed security officers to respond effectively to any emergency. For those in need of more comprehensive security, or for establishments in high-crime areas, our armed security officers are trained in a complete range of de-escalation skills, as well as firearms training.

Executive Protection

Our executive protection personnel are the most elite members of the Tactical Response Security team. With extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military service, these security specialists are the ideal protection team for high profile individuals. You can enjoy the peace of mind that our executive protection personnel provide you everywhere you go, whether that’s across town to visit a work site, or across the country for an important meeting.

Private Investigation

No two investigations are alike, that’s why our private investigators stand out from other investigation services. Our investigators have worked with criminal and civil cases, as well as corporate and domestic investigations. Discreet, thorough, and professional, our private investigators can obtain the information you need when you need it.

For those looking for a comprehensive security service that will take the time to understand your needs and your position, it’s time that you reach out to the experts at Tactical Response Security. When you work with our security team, we leverage all of our resources to ensure that your safety is maintained. We serve a variety of industries and fields, everything from construction sites and chemical facilities to aerospace and defense facilities. No matter your security needs, our officers are up to the challenge. Contact us today to meet with a security specialist in your area.

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